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We aim to protect humanity against data leaks, privacy breaches and frauds happening everyday. Our uncompromisable decentralized ecosystem is entirely being developed around our blazingly fast, low-cost, and most secure decentralized cloud storage at its core.

We believe "Only you deserve to own your data and its privacy, no one else does."

Privacy and Data security are the most common issues in the fast growing data driven digital world today. We at Maximus are building a blockchain enabled ecosystem backed by decentralized cloud data storage. Here data lies in the hands of its users.

Maximus is building an unhackable place to store your digital wealth while setting up new standards for how the data and its privacy should be treated in Web 3.0.

In our quest to provide privacy, security, and actual ownership to users, we are creating an Open-Source decentralized cloud storage called the Maximus Network.



Maximus' documents provides a clear understanding & detailed approach to Maximus Decentralized Network, Products, Roadmap, and the importance of the Maximus ecosystem.


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How to Buy

How to Buy Maximus Coin (MXZ)

Maximus Coin with new symbol MXZ (Previously M-coin) is best purchased and sold through CEX it is listed on, but we also allow people to buy it using crypto from this webportal. Please note that, Buying Maximus Coin (MXZ) from our webportal, requires the user to install metamask and interact using metamask. Following the KYC guidelines one can participate in the purchase of Maximus Coin through our web portal. A step by step guideline is mentioned on our dashboard after you login.

Token Stats

Token Details

A detailed distribution of the Maximus network for various purposes is shown below.


To participate in the Maximus ecosystem we have created a transparent tokenomics for our stakeholders to calculate, understand and evaluate the supply mechanism of Maximus network coin distribution percentage.

Maximus, the best cryptocurrency to invest in, we will also offer staking rewards for Maximus holders with interesting APY/APR on the listed exchanges soon.

Name: Maximus Coin

Symbol: MXZ

Type: BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

Total Supply: 1.5 B

NFT Marketplace

Upcoming NFT Marketplace


Uniqspot is an upcoming NFT Marketplace that brings ease to create, own & trade NFT in a user friendly environment. We aim to empower artists and owners while giving back the control of your creations back in your hands in a non controlled decentralized environment. Convert your digital assets like art, music, video, gif, game and many more into top selling NFT with our engaging marketplace.

Maximus App

Mobile App

Maximus mobile crypto wallet will be a non-custodial crypto wallet where users will hold and own their private keys. Maximus will not control or store any of your private keys and will encourage users for the transaction over a secure decentralized network.


With our core focus on user data and its privacy, the Maximus crypto wallet ensures every user with uncompromised privacy and unbreakable security. We don't control or store access to your crypto wallet following the non-custodial or decentralized development approach. Users are the actual owners of their wallet private keys which are generated and stored on a peer-to-peer network on a runtime basis. No one can get into your crypto wallet using unethical hacking techniques unless they have actual access to your devices.

mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


The Maximus Tech roadmap is stated below. It clearly states its predefined revolutionary plans for upcoming quarters. Our roadmap is a bold visualization of the futuristic strategic plan.

Q4 2021
Private Sale : 15/10/2021 - 15/11/2021

Presale : 16/11/2021 - 15/01/2022

Q1 2022
M-coin listed in 2 Exchanges

Product ecosystem development roadmap
Q2- Q3 2022
Rebranding of M-coin to Maximus Coin

Non custodial mobile wallet app development

Development of NFT marketplace concept & design

List in CMC & Coingecko
Q4 2022
Non custodial mobile wallet app beta testing

NFT marketplace development & testing

Development of Maximus NFT concept
Q1 2023
Non custodial mobile wallet app launch

NFT marketplace beta release

Wallet In-app P2P trading development

Start mobile wallet user acquisition
Q2 2023
Partnerships & collaborations with brands/individuals

Wallet In-app P2P trading release

Continuous development and multi-chain integrations

Early adopter onboarding process for NFT marketplace

Community driven NFTs release
Q3 2023
Testing, fixes & enhancements within ecosystem

User acquisition and Maximus branding

Development of Maximus cloud storage
Q4 2023
100K+ individuals users of Maximus wallet

50K + users for NFT marketplace

Contests, Airdrops (NFT, Tokens etc.)

Listing across 5+ global exchanges

Continuous development, testing and fixes of Maximus cloud storage
Q1 2024
Maximus cloud storage beta release

User acquisitions, partnerships and brand building

Beta user onboarding (cloud storage) and ecosystem user growth
Q2 2024
Stage based launch of Maximus cloud storage

Listing across 10+ top tier global exchanges

Development of blockchain based Maximus browser in web 3.0
Q3 2024
10K+ individuals/organizational users of Maximus Cloud Storage

Development of blockchain based Maximus browser in web 3.0

Testing & beta release of Maximus blockchain browser
Q4 2024
Further development, improvement within the ecosystem

Roadmap release for creating blockchain applications


With various opportunities to earn profits through the Maximus ecosystem, we are coming up with Maximus NFT & farming for the community.

Maximus NFTs encourage investment for a secured future and even provide the buyer with decentralized cloud storage space over the Maximus Network that can be lent out to the users of Maximus. This is for the first time in the history of NFTs and the cloud storage industry that after buying these NFTs buyers will also be able to participate in the farming (providing storage space for the decentralized cloud network) of the Maximus ecosystem.

Farming is a process where users earn rewards in Maximus either by renting out extra storage space of their computers to the Maximus network or buying the Maximus NFT to get storage space from Maximus decentralized nodes. This storage space will be used by Maximus Network to store users' data in a decentralized way. The size of decentralized cloud storage space available for lending out depends upon the value of your Maximus Token NFT. Fixed or variable interest can be charged in exchange for the decentralized cloud storage space.



Maximus Tech aims to disrupt the cloud storage industry by eliminating the current industry barriers. Maximus ecosystem is building the most reliable cloud services ensuring low costs and immutable security for the user’s data.
Maximus Tech is setting up new standards for how your data and its privacy should be treated. Our aim at the Maximus network is to build a transparent ecosystem for decentralized cloud storage that provides unmatched security, data privacy, and data ownership that every individual deserves in this fast-growing digital era of the internet. Using the power of blockchain, cryptography, and encryption Maximus Tech is building the most reliable cloud storage that ensures low costs for the users. Cloud file storage is done using the automated hosting agreement commitments between the user/renter and the host driven by immutable smart contracts.
In our quest to provide privacy, security, and actual ownership to users, we are creating the Open-Source decentralized cloud storage called the Maximus Network.
Decentralized cloud storage is when data is stored to a set of computers and not on a network that is controlled by one central authority. Multiple computers store the data, acting as participants or nodes on the network.
It is completely safe as every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and stored in non readable formats on diverse Nodes, ensuring no data breaches. This decentralized approach also protects your data from malicious attacks or data hacking. Because in this technical architecture only the user that uploads the data has the ability to decrypt the data with their keys.
Maximus Tech is building world's first decentralized ecosystem backed by Decentralized Cloud Storage.
Maximus is committed to building Web 3.0 by creating the world’s fastest, most reliable, and secured Decentralized Cloud Storage.
No one else deserves to own your data and its privacy, except you.
Without a BEP20 (BNB) address, you cannot participate in the token sale. To maximize and manage the token distribution, a BNB address is required. It will help in making the token distribution fairer.
You can only use one BNB address to purchase the Maximus Coin. If you want to change the BNB address, you need to go to the user profile and update the address that you wish to use for buying and receiving Maximus Coin.
BEP20 compatible wallet/ metamask is required to carry out transactions via direct purchase and store Maximus Coin during presale.
For P2P purchase you can also use Trust wallet to receive Maximus Coin. More details about P2P Purchase are shared on the user dashboard after Login.
20% of the total supply, i.e. 300 million tokens
Acceptable currencies are BNB (Direct Purchase), ETH, BTC, USDT (P2P Purchase).
Stage 1 of private sale will be from 15th October 2021 to 15th November 2021.
Stage 1 of Pre-sale will be from 16th November 2021 to 15th December 2021.
Stage 2 was from 16th December 2021 to 15th January 2022.
In the January 2022 after IEO on Coinsbit and P2PB2B exchanges, Maximus Coin will be listed on the same exchanges for the first time.
Maximus Tech is soon going to reveal the staking rewards for Maximus Coin holders with interesting APY in the coming future.


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